02 April, 2007

As If I Need to Love Her Any More Than I Already Do...

I swear to God, this is the funniest damn thing I have seen in a while:


As for her new album, I'm really hoping that it'll be a covers record. Just think of all of the bad songs that she could feasibly improve!

Optional Comments-Section Question:
One artist of your choosing + One BAD song. Who would you pick and what song would you force them to cover, and in what style?

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Steve-o, aka "Ignatius J. Reilly" said...


I totally agree. That was very funny. It reminded me of Tori's take on that Eminem song ... it made a vulgar rap into something haunting.

Alanis seems to rip Fuggie with this. You might also like one going around on YouTube that some Xtian kids singing "Christalicious, definition. Jesus, Lord & Savior--" Ouch! I can't write any more of that crap, my atheist fingers are burning. :)