26 March, 2008

If Ryan Phillippe Doesn't Approve, Then Neither Can I.

So, Shakes has started a project called Gayest Looks For Leno, explained here.

Here's my and Winston's "Gayest Look." Possibly not safe for work, due to obscene hand gesture.

In sum: Jay Leno, you are an asshat, and I heartily extend my middle finger to you, due to your continued idiocy. And I thought the muscles in my right middle finger were atrophied from non-use! Luckily for Leno, they work just fine.

You can see more folks contributing their "Gayest Looks" right here.


ouyangdan said...

you rock!

i can't believe how this has caught on!

Moondancer said...

Yeah, I head about that and wanted to slap him right in his Crimson Chin sized chin. Idiot man.