20 May, 2008

a hiatus, of sorts

so here's why i haven't been around for a while: i fell about a week and a half ago (embarrassingly, i tripped over myself while walking from class and made a spectacularly hard landing on the pavement below) and now have to deal with a possible thumb-bone fracture. obviously, it's hard for me to type, but what's worse is that this whole thing has rendered me more disabled than usual.

i'll still be around (hopefully the doctors will figure out whether or not it's actually a hairline fracture soon!), but i probably won't be commenting around the blogosphere as much, or updating here until i make a full recovery from my fall.

until then: i feel honored to have been included in hoyden about town's femmostroppo top 40 for 2007. go read all of the posts included, because they are all fantastic! i know that's what i'll be doing, as reading is one of the things that i am able to do at this point.


lauredhel said...

Sorry to hear about the injury - that sounds a right pain. Are you in plaster/splints?

Congrats on the femmostroppo top 40 place - you deserve it!

ouyangdan said...

hey! sorry about your fall (as a clutz myself i can relate). injuries suck for "normals" bad enough...i wish you a speedy recovery!

and congrats on the Hoyden thing! rock on!

The Feminist Texican said...

Ouch! Well if it makes you feel any better about the random injury, last year I managed to fracture my wrist and make my mouth bleed...while making tea and working on my MA thesis. lol

Yeah. I still don't know I managed that one. ;)