18 March, 2009

Winnie Has a Question...

Also, in less cute and/or more angry-making news, check out Lauredhel's takedown of an atrocious interview with some psychiatrist who believes that people with CFS and related illnesses are hysterics, or something. I was not able to read the whole article without wanting to chuck my computer across the room. Basically, the article is yet another go-round of "if I can't see it, then it must not be there, and the person who says they have it is totally making it up." Positively infuriating. I dare anyone who believes that people with these conditions do not face very real social consequences to read the article and still hold that sort of belief.

It sounds really, fantastically bitter and mean of me to say, but I often wish that people like Simon Wessley would one day wake up and find that they have a chronic health condition that literally changes everything for them; perhaps such an event would make them think twice before they talk out of their asses under the guise of "expertise."

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vesta44 said...

You aren't the only one who thinks those morons who think fibro/CFS/etc are "diseases" of hysterics/hypochondriacs should get one of them themselves. I really think that if they got one of those illnesses, they'd be talking out of the other side of their mouths (but it would be on the order of "Yeah, it's real when I have it, I'm a doctor, but anyone who isn't a doctor and says they have this is either hysterical or sadly mistaken."). That's the same as all those fat doctors telling their fat patients that the patients' fat is going to kill them within 5 years, but the fat doctor isn't taking hir own advice. Hypocrisy is rampant in the medical profession.