26 April, 2009

I Can't Be More Articulate Than...

First, read Amandaw's take on this piece of crap "PSA" from the fine folks at Dove:


Disabled people are not your fucking "inspiration" to show you that you are pretty, conventionally attractive white middle-class girl, and that you shouldn't have low self-esteem, because you are pretty! We're not your fucking After-School Special.

But thanks for putting us back in our place, Dove.

ETA: Anna has been kind enough to correct me on the origin of this thing; it's actually a student film project and is NOT a real Dove ad.

Still, though--this spot's portrayal of disability pretty much sucks.


Anonymous said...

I just got contacted by the ad creator and it's not a Dove ad, it's a school project to show "disability in a positive light in advertising".

Anonymous said...

I can see where a student would think this shows disability in a positive light. Afterall, the disabled girl was out and about...having fun. What's wrong with that? The blonde? I'm not sure what it's trying to say about her. Her low self esteem seems kind of fake. If she really felt that bad about herself, she wouldn't be able to get out of bed and make herself up with the jewelry, flat ironed and perfectly highlighted hair, top that shows her ever so tight abs...that's a girl that loves herself. So I would grade this student project with a D...the student just doesn't get it.

annaham said...

top that shows her ever so tight abs...that's a girl that loves herself.WTF?