12 August, 2009

In which I am counterproductive

Dear White Cis Able-Bodied Women With "Core" Body Image Issues That Are Apparently Resonant With ALL Women, and Who Call Yourselves "the Real Deal,"

No. You. Aren't.

And no, I'm not "just jealous."


A white woman with a disability who is sick of this kind of thing


HB said...

Hi Anna: Would you like to contribute to the blog OR assist me in finding someone who would like to?

I hear you. I am trying my damnedest to find a blogger to represent you and all disabled individuals but I need help from your community.


annaham said...


Thanks for your comment.

I think, as a first step, y'all could put a call out on WATRD if you haven't already, that *specifically* says that you are working on rectifying this problem and are looking for people to contribute, instead of doing that in the comments or as ETAs to another post (where people might not read it).

As for contributing, I will think about it. However, there are MANY blogs that cover disability already out there--some of my favorites include Hoyden About Town, Three Rivers Fog, Diary of a Goldfish, Trouble in China, The Silence of Our Friends, Womanist Musings, FibroFog, and CripChick. I am sure that they also have many links to other disability blogs. The Disability Carnivals (Google 'em) are also great resources for disability bloggers, as are the BADD (Blogging Against Disablism Day) post collections.

I hope that helps, or at the very least gives you a starting point.

belledame222 said...

I am trying my damnedest to find a blogger to represent you and all disabled individuals

...wow. That's a tall order. One blogger, to represent -all disabled individuals.- No wonder y'all are having such a tough time...

Anna's (hi, sorry for the abrupt introduction) being a lot more gracious than you're meriting here, you know. And yes, those are good suggestions and you should listen to them respectfully and follow them before asking for anything else or complaining about how hard it is. Me, I'd have probably said something like "have your people call 'my community' and we'll have lunch," but I'm a counterproductive bitch that way myself...

Anonymous said...

Heather, could you maybe try responding to the people over at mine who responded to your anonymous comments?

Also, Annaham is amazing and wonderful, but she'd do a lousy job at representing all "disabled individuals" (some of us prefer "people with disabilities", since we perceive the problem to be with a society that presumes we don't exist, rather than with our bodies).

How about looking at that "disability" community I pointed you to in the that post I wrote? That's part of what it's there for. (I made a post for you calling for people who were interested to email me and I would forward them your contact details. It took me about five minutes of my time.)

Annaham, you are amazing and kind.