15 May, 2007

So Much to Blog, So Few Hours in the Day

Thus, a lightnin' round:

Jerry Falwell dies. I can only hope that his encroaching Right-wing deification doesn't last quite as long as Ronald Reagan's did. CNN manages to give us a quasi-biased headline, too. Wheee.

Hey, look, a comic-book "collectible" figurine that manages to be upsetting, offensive and salaciously appealing to the lowest common denominator all at once!
It's Mary Jane from Spider Man washing his uniform, barefoot, with one of those precious Oh-I-Am-SO-Naughty grins on. God, with that butt, she looks like a gazelle or something. Memo to the dudes who produced this piece of trash and the dudes who will spend their rent money on it: Real women cannot, physically, do this. And certainly not while wearing a cute pink thong. Also, they will not (with rare exception) wash your clothing by hand whilst lookin' all sexxxay. Dry-cleaning is a wonderful thing.

Also, Rufus Wainwright's new album is out today.

I have no idea how these items relate to each other. At all.

04 May, 2007


I honestly didn't think Senator John McCain could sink any lower than being a total nutball and apologist for the Administration's insane policies and excuses, but here's proof.

I don't know what you call "supporting the troops," Senator, but this is not it. I thought we were past thinking about homosexuality as a pathology, but I suppose, unfortunately, that some people are not. Sad.

Melissa (of Shakesville) has more, plus a(n) hilarious Photoshopped graphic.