11 January, 2009

Blog Neglect and Its Discontents

Y'all, I have totally been neglecting a blog project of mine that definitely deserves more time, attention and love.

That blog is Faces of Fibro. It hasn't been updated in a while. *hangs head in deep shame*

Please, for the love of Flying Spaghetti Monster, SEND ME YOUR STORIES about your experiences with fibromyalgia--yours, a loved one's, whatever. You can email me at annaham AT gmail dot com, or by clicking the "Contact the Ham" link on the right side of this blog. Seriously. I will post just about anything.

Guidelines can be found here. If you have an idea for a piece that doesn't fit with the themes in the guidelines but that you think might work, go ahead and let me know. I am also totally willing to read and offer suggestions for pieces that are in-progress, or offer suggestions to flesh out your ideas.

Thank you, and happy submitting!