25 February, 2007

And a squee of joy was heard across the land!

So, it appears that the distinguished Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchu** will be running for President in Guatemala.

Someone is going to comment on the whole OMG-her-biography-may-have-been-fabricated dustup, but I can honestly say that I do not give a flying shit about that. The woman is frickin' phenomenal, any way you slice it.

Now, if only "furriners" could run for Prez here in the United States...

**I have no idea how to format the accent marks in her name, so, apologies.


Unknown said...

Ha, there's something hilarious about a Nobel Prize winner running for president, after the fool that we somehow elected - twice.

annaham said...

I KNOW! I'm just left wondering why a Nobel Prize winner from the U.S. hasn't thought of such an action yet.