16 March, 2007

Possibly a Cliche by Now, But...


I'm not!

And it is all about me here, because it's my blog. Don't like it? You, too, can make your own and spew your opinions, thoughts on yaoi, and life experiences fourth!

Trust me, it's fun, and sometimes you even get trolls!

PS: You think I'm "hateful"? Then bloggers like Twisty will make your head explode. Think Scanners. Heh.


Anonymous said...

Uh, I'm too busy leading a narcissistic life to mess with your blog, AH. Now, pardon me, but I've bright clothing choices to ponder that will ultimately wreck the lives of my hypothetical children.

annaham said...


Candace D said...

Don't you just love how people disagree with others on the internet. It's always:

"ME > YOU because I said so and because I feel the need to express my superiority complex by typing as much verbiage as possible." (- Almost forgot what verbiage was in English!)

Ignatius J. Reilly said...

Annaham, I totally agree.

There is way too much emphasis in our culture on "the children." Whose children are these?

Not mine. So why should I care? Why must everything be focused on on other people's birth control accidents?

I have a beautiful niece and nephew whom I love dearly, but due to an unfortunate and classified geological experiment, I won't be having kids (being a geologist = no dates). In the mean time, all I hear from politicos is "We're doing this to protect the children..."

"We're regulating the Internet and recording your every Google search to stop the scourge of child porn..."

"We're filtering out offensive web sites to protect children..."

In the ideal (i.e., post Garrison Keillor) world, there would be some balance between what society does for kids and what it does for adults. Excuse me now, I have to go change diapers. Not on a child. On me. :|


Jennifer said...

I have a little troll who likes to wax victorian now and then. I don't know if its male or female. What are they, usually?