14 August, 2007

Signs of Fat Hatred, Part 4,062

While walking through Inexpensive MegaHuge Chain Store a few days ago, I spotted a variation of the following t-shirt:
Quick, see if you can list all of the assumptions that this otherwise okay (and lavender-y) shirt brings up!

Just having to look at it again makes me uneasy.


vesta44 said...

I've been lucky, no one has looked at me and thought I was preggers just because I was fat (or at least, not come up to me and said so), but I've seen it happen to other women. It's amazing how people will come up to a woman and pat her stomach and ask her when she's due (just assuming because you have a stomach, you must be pregnant). I must say tho, that the women I've seen it happen to have been pretty cool. They've come right out and said no baby, just fat. Embarrasses the hell out of the person who had the audacity to touch and ask due date.

lauredhel said...

Any takers for a "FAT (not pregnant)" shirt?