31 May, 2008

the enemy within: wiscon, disability, and hatred

here is a hiatus from my hiatus. [this was originally posted on my other blog; i've cleaned it up quite a bit so that there's not as much swearing.]

most of you have probably heard about the wiscon thing. in summary, for those who haven't: female SA forum-er and grad student (question: in what universe is this acceptable behavior for someone in grad school?) goes to wiscon, takes pictures of folks whom she can make fun of due to their perceived flaws--including fatness, disability, and being transgender--and then posts her whole "report" on something awful, complete with thinly disguised photos. people are upset, of course, and, sadly, it has devolved into some going so far as to send death threats to the original poster (which, in my view, is going too far). in case you're still confused, here's a roundup from some of the folks at journalfen. amptoons also has a great summary.

and please, prospective commenters, for your sanity and mine, DO NOT TRY TO TELL ME THAT SHE DIDN'T OR DOESN'T MEAN THIS SHIT, or that it isn't hurtful, or doesn't have concrete effects. it is so, so obvious to me that she meant this:

I remember how much I hate my fellow women, and then I go the whole rest of the year thankful that normal life is never this horrible.

and this:

The worst part for me is keeping silent while they [fat people at wiscon] claim that every doctor who tells you that being morbidly obese isn't fine for your health is being paid off by the pharmaceutical or diet companies.

and, by god, this:

Cynthia (a polyamorous woman in a group marriage with [the fake disease] fibromyalgia)

this was what really got me [awful grammar nonwithstanding!].

this comment just proves that if you don't have a "normal" body in this society, you are hated. it is okay, apparently, for people to mock you if you have a disability, particularly if they can't see it. if they can't see it, IT MUST BE FAKE. YOU ARE MAKING IT UP, so suck it up/take a tylenol/get out of bed/stop whining or otherwise making other people uncomfortable. hate towards non-normative bodies is very common and accepted in our society--and here is proof. additionally, i do not understand how this woman can call herself a feminist and also find it perfectly acceptable to mock other people because of their bodies, or their disability, or their gender identity. that is not feminist. sorry.

memo to op rachel moss: do your research (this should be easy for you, particularly since you're working your way toward a phd). fibro is not a disease. you can't catch it, although it would be kind of ironic if one could catch it, and then you or someone close to you did. then, perhaps you would think twice about talking out of your ass and posting your tripe on the internet. it's not "fake," either.

i hope i meet you one day, rachel moss, so that i can get you to understand that this condition is real, and that it changes peoples' lives. of course, since you make yourself sound like you're obviously in perfect health, you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? maybe since i'm not fat (although, in your view, i might be), you might take what i have to say more seriously than what the fat people who have health problems such as fibromyalgia have said.

one can always hope.

there's more, of course, but i don't quite have the heart to tackle it all right now.


Anonymous said...

These comments must have been even more hateful and painful, seeing how they came from a 'safe spot'. Rachel Moss is no doubt just a sign of the culture we live in... not the roots, but it must be a slap in the face to go to a 'safe' convention and be mocked, insulted, and derided from within. I feel the pain of the Wiscon attendees.

Cyn said...

That's just extremely rude and horrible.
I've been avoiding the original article for my sanity's sake and to prevent high pressure (because teh fatties have high pressure BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA), so I didn't know what she said about fibromyalgia.
So, all of a sudden, she chooses to say which conditions are real (MORBID OBESITY BOOGA BOOGA) and which conditions aren't ("the fake disease").
I can't believe people like her can get Masters Degrees. I hope her PhD gets rejected because of this. It will be the fairest punishment, and she'll wish those death threats were serious.

Anonymous said...

how disgusting.

and this is why i end up shaming myself sometimes into taking the stairs to the next floor even though the pain is unbearable and i can hear people complaining that i am slow moving. if you are overweight it must be b/c you are a lazy pig who eats everything in sight all the time. and, if they can't see your illness then it isn't real. you are sick b/c you are fat, not fat b/c you can barely exercise b/c you are sick.

cleaning it up for less swearing makes you a more thoughtful person than me, b/c i get seriously pissed w/ ablism and tend to let my tongue run away w/ me.

also, loved seeing your post at Shakesville. it was incredible!

amanda said...

I find that no matter how you're feeling before, these things hit you fucking hard and it's difficult just to catch your breath, much less actually spit out a coherent sentence on the subject.

I'd rant but instead I'll just offer a gentle (((hug))) and the knowledge that at least one other person knows exactly where you're coming from.