26 August, 2008

The Outraged Commentary Pretty Much Writes Itself

Wow! I didn't think I'd be feeling uber-white shame this week, but PUMA PAC has changed that! Thanks, PUMA PAC!

This is the sort of thing that makes many people of color NOT WANT TO TRUST WHITE FOLKS.


Anonymous said...

I am not understanding PUMA's tactics. I gotta be honest. I am just not getting it. When have these things ever been core liberal values?

About as much as I understand the whole "Clinton supporters 4 McCain" bunch. I mean, shit, I was a Clinton supporter, but I know better than to shoot myself in the foot b/c I didn't get my own way.

This election is making me want to crawl in bed for a nice coma.

Anonymous said...

I just re read that...I hope it made a modicum of sense.

I supported Clinton.

She lost.

I dealt w/ it.

I am not happy w/ what we have left, but I am sure not going to be racist and offensive, or vote for McCain.

Foggy brain.