16 April, 2009

Oh, Old Posts...

Check out this weird comment that I found on an old post:

I found this page due to a link left in a different journal, I forget which one.

I like the idea, and most of the comments. However, the last one needs re-worked. I find it extremely inappropriate to list using medical cannabis (which can be inhaled, or eaten, not just smoked) along with addictive and destructive things like gambling and shooting heroin.

Medical cannibis has a *lot* of science behind it, and forms of medical cannabis are being used in enlightened countries like Great Britian and Canada.


Access to medical cannabis is a political issue, not a health issue. Medical cannabis has been clearly scientifically proven to be an effective drug for pain control, much better than most of the drugs which the pharmaceutical want someone to use. This is a political issue based on control of the market by the big pharmaceutical companies, and your failure to recognize that does a huge discredit to your chart.

It would be far more appropriate to include a space which addresses the politics around denying people effective pain control.

Yes, because I love it when pot advocates tell ME what "discredits" MY WORK, and what is "appropriate" and not. Oh, and Big Pharma somehow gets worked in there, too. Love it.

I have had people who know next to nothing about my condition tell me that pot is "great for pain control" and that I should use it. Know why I chose to ignore them? Because a) they don't know me well enough to know that I do not want to become a pothead and b) pot can be addictive. I have a close relative who has struggled with marijuana addiction. I do not want to take that risk. That is my choice.

Assuming that one substance is a cure-all is, in a word, ridiculous. Do I tell other people with fibro that they should take Vicodin (as I do) for pain? No, because for some people it doesn't work. For some, it can be addictive. I have to keep this in mind. The pot advocates would do well to remember something similar. Pot is not a cure-all, no matter how you spin it.

If you want me to respect your opinion, please have the courtesy to respect mine in turn.


ouyangdan said...


Seriously...I really hate that "It's so good for you! You should use it! It will fix your life!!!!1!!one!" advice from anyone, no matter what it is. I get drive by medical advice all the time...and it drives me buggy. Things from "you should do a vegan/gluten free/no carb (pick one) diet", to "I bet you are just anemic, take iron pills".

I think you summed it up pretty well.

amanda said...


I have my own, very serious reasons for staying the HELL away from pot.

And then there's the whole "Do you really think I'm so stupid as to *never* have thought through the potential treatments for my condition, and am totally oblivious, and you are my savior, my messenger bringing tidings of good news to me? You think you know more about what works for my condition than I do? When I'm the one, you know, LIVING WITH IT?" sort of thing going on.