03 March, 2010


I am kind of out of ideas at this point, if the level of discourse we're talking about has now been brought down to going on Australian TV and saying that you've been "crucified" by a bunch of disabled feminists--while playing the "disabled feminists" part for laughs.

I can't do this "civility" and "politeness" thing anymore, at least with certain people who, quite clearly, do not give a rat's ass about displaying either of those things themselves and yet demand that I hold their hands while they continue to rationalize their own (and others') privileged behavior. I've had to explain, over and over again, in various corners of the internet, that I and my fellow feminists with disabilities--and others who have committed to discussing these issues in a mature manner--have the right to not be personally attacked, threatened, and, now, have our very existence so cavalierly made into a joke. I really can't. Apparently, to Amanda Palmer and some of her supporters, neither I nor other disabled feminists are human beings who are worthy of any respect whatsoever (or having our concerns taken seriously, heaven forbid).

I am exhausted.

ETA: I will be on an indefinite blogging HIATUS starting today. I will see you all soon, hopefully.


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I want to be the better person and not say things like "Wow, Amanda Palmer is really a jerk", but I really just don't have it in me. And anyone who can't see how RONG she is being... I can't help them.

*great big hugs*

I loves you!