14 December, 2008

Quick Hit: Why I Strongly Dislike Jezebel

Because: using feminist rhetoric to slam fashion magazines and then turning right around to slam people whose issues you either cannot or do not wish to offer even a modicum of consideration to does not make you cool, or edgy. It just makes you an asshole. [I am aware that there are tons more examples of epic failure such as the above, but I lack the inner steeliness to go through the entire site right now in order to look for more.]

Judging by the site's popularity, however, I suppose that actively marginalizing and/or endlessly snarking on people who are--GASP!--different from you due to their (dis)abilities, differences of opinion, or perceived lack of what you conceptualize as feminist skills is the new "in" thing. I am all for using humor as a weapon and/or catalyst for change, but not at the very real expense of potential allies.

Yes, I am a total old-school style stick in the mud, and no, I do not intend to change this.

For more, check out this classic Feministing post on two of the Jezebel writers' (televised) drunken antics, and why the site's use of feminist rhetoric is problematic. Also, there's this. Totally awesome on the part of Jezebel and not at all problematic, AMIRITE?

Edited to add two more pieces worth checking out: One from Hoyden About Town, on Jezebel's use and abuse of ableist language (because this use is, of course, not just a one-time thing), and Deus Ex Malcontent's excellent analysis of some of the issues surrounding the Gawker fame juggernaut that spawned Jezebel.


ouyangdan said...

RE: That first post you linked to: That is why I fucking quit reading and linking to them. Too much in my daily life do people disregard my illness as all in my head or some other bullshit thing like that.

Now, I know that someone at Jezebel has stated that they don't really claim to be a feminist blog exactly, but they sure as fuck can alienate a fuck ton of allies in a single goddamned post, can't they?

Fuck them.

I am totally linking this in my Thursday blogwhoring this coming week b/c I have a lot of friends who read this site regularly, and if they are going to hold everybody else to hight standards, then they sure as fuck need to start calling out Jezebel et al too.

And the commenters on those threads make me want to cry and never go out in public again. If it isn't your body, you have no business judging other people's health care and how they choose to handle it.

I knew I liked/trusted you for a reason.

annaham said...

Now, I know that someone at Jezebel has stated that they don't really claim to be a feminist blog exactly, but they sure as fuck can alienate a fuck ton of allies in a single goddamned post, can't they?

I could not have said it better myself! I wish they'd fucking DECIDE whether or not to align themselves with feminism. Invisible Pink Unicorn knows that they use feminist rhetoric enough to their own advantage (that is, when it suits them). Someone in the feminist blogosphere (possibly at Feministe?) said something akin to, "Feminism is not a fucking lifestyle choice." I am so, so tired of the constant dicking around to the tune of "We're not *really* feminist--we only are when it comes to stuff that offends us, and when it comes to our right to drink a ton/fuck random dudes/have a lot of casual sex." I did not major in Women & Gender Studies just so these clowns could continue their lifestyles of smoking lots of pot, getting paid to write things that they can't back up, or things that they don't know very much about (like fibro!) and use feminism as a justification for ridiculous behavior.

Long comment is LOOOONG. Heh. Anyway, I would love to be included in your Thursday blogwhoring! :D

whatsername said...

Quite honestly I've never understood why Jezebel is so well liked. The only times I've ever read there I was immediately turned off.

amandaw said...

i still can't think about this without shaking. some things just hit at your core in such a way as to render you incoherent. people who aren't just ignorant -- not simply skeptical -- but loudly, proudly, outrageously hateful -- people who aren't going to give a reasonable argument a moment's consideration, because truth is not their aim -- i simply have no method to cope with these people. i haven't the faintest idea what to do. they baffle me.

cripchick said...

omg. omg. omg. didn't know what jezebel was til today but will be sure to never read. giving thanks for this being called out, in some strange way reading about this and seeing people respond in the links you gave give me hope.

lauredhel said...

It's so totally not a one time thing. I was just reading this enormous pile of shit on What Jezebellers Think Other Women Shouldn't Do With Their Bodies. with a side serve of deep-fried Ew, Breastfeeding? Call CPS!