01 May, 2009

Invisible Illness Bingo 2: Back For Revenge

Hey, it's Blogging Against Disablism Day!

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2009

My contribution is Invisible Illness Bingo 2 (IIB 1 is here); click for a larger version:

Something to remember if you're going to comment on this post: This blog is a SAFE SPACE for people with disabilities. If you're going to leave a comment about how one of my posts/points/bingo squares makes my entire blog/opinion/bingo card moot, or how my bingo card is not properly formatted, or how people with disabilities need to accommodate non-disabled people in attitude, openness, or helping ABs process their feelings (like we don't do enough of those things already), or that I'm too angry/emotional or not "objective" enough, or that you, as an able-bodied person, can totally relate and here's a long comment detailing exactly how, or that you are concerned about the tone of my post, please remember that such a comment might not be taken in good faith, and that I might be a jackass to you in return. [Edit: Yes, I know I'm an asshole.]

Other than that, feedback is welcome. Also, be sure to go check out the other BADD 2009 posts at Diary of a Goldfish.

ETA The Third: Via Rachel at Metalsunflower, here is the plaintext version:

Description: Card is made up of white squares on a black background. Underneath the squares, the title (in white) reads "annaham presents invisible illness & disability bingo" followed by "2" in red.

First row, Square #1: I had a really bad migraine once, so I know how you feel

First row, Square # 2: Your anger is alienating all potential able-bodied allies

First row, Square #3: I had that and I got over it. I did it, and so can you!

First row, Square #4: You should use [X dubious "cure"], because it's safer than the drugs that Big Pharma has sold to you

Second row, Square #1: VISUALIZE your pain away! It totally works!

Second row, Square #2: Taking pills for your pain means that you are just a Big Pharma zombie

Second row, Square #3: That sounds like something you just made up/ that sounds fake

Second row, Square #4: My personal experience invalidates yours! I know people with disabilities, so I know what I am talking about.

Third row, Square #1: You can still walk, so you aren't really disabled.

Third row, Square #2: I'm able-bodied. Let's talk about me and how I deal with pain/ illness

Third row, Square #3: I don't agree with one thing you said in your post, so your entire experience/ point is moot.

Third row, Square #4: I don't have a disability, but let me tell you what would make your point(s) more digestible to "normal" folks

Fourth row, Square #1: A person with a disability was mean to me once, so all PWDs are mean and secretly jealous of able-bodied people!

Fourth row, Square #2: You already have the best parking spaces! What "special rights" will you demand next?!

Fourth row, Square #3: How do we know that you're not just a drug seeker/ drug abuser?

Fourth row, Square #4: Wow! You are so inspirational. I don't know how I would cope if I were in your situation.

Daughter of ETA: Rachel over at Metalsunflower has awesomely transcribed a text version of IIB 2, viewable at the bottom of this page. She has also text-scribed many other fantastic bingo cards from around the 'net, and kindly provided the plaintext version above. Thanks, Rachel!

ETA, 11/7/09: I completely forgot to include a text translation, which has kindly been pointed out by a commenter. I'm sorry; this was an inexcusable oversight and rather ironic, given that this was created for BADD. I am working on a text translation and will get it on the page as soon as possible.


JackP said...

Wow! That is so inspirational. No, wait, I mean "that really made me laugh". Thanks.

liberalandproud said...

As a possessor of rampant cankles, I love your blog subtitle. Also love this post. Found you through Shakesville.

Anonymous said...

HA! I get that last one all the time! My response is usually "...Kay..."

Never That Easy said...

BINGO ~ do I get bonus points if I fill the whole card?

Great post - thanks for making me laugh about something while still obviously taking it seriously.

Anonymous said...


I accept "I don't know how I would cope in your situation" when it's one of my closest friends assuring me I'm not "weak" for buckling under the strain. Other than that, I am sometimes tempted to answer "are you sure you don't want to find out? I'm sure we could come up with something..."

Louna said...

Let's all play that bingo (with remarks made to us), it's great! Another great one is "You're so strong." When I ask why, it's because of everything I've gone through. Kay...

seahorse said...

I love this sort of post. I even wonder if it's possible to get this made into a T shirt? I'd wear one!

fibro said...

I just printed it out.

Damon Lord said...

Oh, I love you for having done this. This is wonderful.

Here's some I get:

"Is it all right for me to make a joke about your disability/illness in front of all the other people here?"

"Still not better?"

"Why are you out of the house? Shouldn't you be at home if you've got X disability/illness?"

Mór Rígan said...

Also made on win!

Neurodivergent K said...

My favorite is "Then why are you out alone?"

codeman38 said...

Just a random accessibility thing on this and the previous Invisible Illness Bingo...

Would you mind making an even *larger* version, or at least providing a plain-text transcript, for those of us with visual processing screwiness? 10-point blurry text and my visual fuzz do not mix well.

codeman38 said...

Oh, and thanks for providing a plain-text alternative on the latest version of the bingo card at FWD. :-)

annaham said...

codeman38, I'm working on a text translation--which I ridiculously forgot to include in the original post--and there is a text translation of version 1.0 here. :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Have been recipient of several of those, both directed at me as me, and me as mother of autistic kid.